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Review: A Sorta Fairy Tale

A Sorta Fairytale - Emily McKee


I will admit, in the beginning it was a little hard for me to get into the book and I think for one, it was because of the narrative voice and secondly, I didn’t connect that well with Thomas or Stella.  However once Alex came along, it seemed to be smooth sailing.


This book jumped from different characters POV and that I liked. To see what everyone was thinking, I hate being in the dark. Thomas and Stella were sleeping together with rules, 1. Never talk about the past or possible future 2. No sleep over 3. Find another.


Thomas was the one who insisted that Stella find another and guess what, she did, and that’s when all the hidden emotions began to bubble over. Stella ended up finding another who was Alex, while waiting for Thomas at a bar, and as the story unfolds they become closer. I liked how Alex approached his relationship with Stella. Obviously he would have loved to sleep with her but he put those desires aside to really get to know who Stella was. I loved that about Alex, his sweet, patient side of him. I loved the date that they had in the garden and how thoughtful he had been with setting everything up. There was a 4 month skip in this book with Stella and Alex, and I would have loved to see how their relationship blossomed within that missing time.


Now by this point Thomas is kicking himself in the ass and he’s very adamant on proving to Stella that he was the only man for her. I was really curious as I got closer to finish up the book, to who Stella was going to choose because she had strong emotions for both of them. Strong different emotions but Thomas to me, seemed very promising in the sense that he started to treat her like a girlfriend and doing little kind gestures that he normally wouldn’t have done before. Alex was always the sweat one hands down, and then Thomas who had been changing his game to suit Stella, oh boy what choices! If only she could have blended the two, but in the end Stella had to choose only one.


The ending, I didn’t see coming. For me personally, I would have preferred it not to be a secret but it was a good read.

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