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REVIEW: Drive Me Wild


Hearts: 5/5

Sensual: 5/5

Heat: 3/5


Drive Me Wild. Another dangerous read by Shari Slade.

I loved this 3rd part to the Devils Host MC Series. It was a more in-depth read to this exciting series. It was intense in every way possible and I read on impatiently wanting to find out what was going to happen to Noah.


In this 3rd installment you can tell that everything going on is slowly getting to Star, and she’s not appreciating how Noah treats her. Well, she’s hot and cold. Its a love/ hate relationship with the way he treats her. It annoys Star yet gets her lady parts all hot and achy, and the only thing to sooth her conflicting feelings is Noah. Him and all his muscles, and other sexy parts.


What is a girl to do? I feel her pain. I feel her confusion. I feel her torn at her decisions, her questions on whether or not she will live or die. Whether or not Noah will live or die. Whether or not Noah and her will have a future together. And whether or not her feelings for Noah are real or not.


Are her feelings love or lust? Noah took her away from a boring life and dropped her in a exciting chaotic world. Love or lust? Is it because they have wild monkey sex. Love or lust? Is it because he can talk to her in such a demanding tone, that should be embarrassing yet she gets aroused by his demeaning commands, and sometimes degrading actions. Love or lust?


What is it? And by the time Star figures it all out will she be alive?

At the end of the day, Noah gets her and vice versa. They’re quite a duo. They get each other going and know each other’s limits.


I like how you see a softer side to Noah, yet he still keeps his roughness.

At the end of this installment you find out whose a Rat, in the Devils Host gang and Star has to get to Noah fast, before its too late…



Can’t wait for the next installment.

Sensual rating 5/5 Its explicit.

Heat rating 3/5 its sizzling.

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