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REVIEW: The Making Of a Star

Her Confessional: The Making of a Star (Confessional #1) - Rebecca N. Caudill

Hearts: 3/5

Sensual: 3/5

Heat: 3/5


Making Of a Star is a short sweet read.

Its written like Sarah was talking directly to you and telling you how Cameron and her met.


Cameron and Sarah have been friends for a while and slowly she starts to gain feelings for him. Of course she tries to ignore him and push those feelings away but one drunken night, changes everything. What Cameron did to Sarah, I could have kicked him so hard, his mama would feel it. Like who does that to someone and then not contact them back. Especially since she was your friend, not just a random friend, a best friend who knows you like the back of your hand. I really felt bad for Sarah and I probably would have ran him over with my car.


I liked the story because it was realistic and was a break from the regular fast paced other novella's i'm used to reading.



I like Sarah. She was a very down to earth gal and Cameron, they are both sweet.


For me though, I couldn't really get into the story all that much, because of the narration and it felt like the characters weren't development enough but I am curious to see where the author takes the story.



Sensual rating 3/5 there is sex but nothing explicit.

Heat rating 2/5 its sensual.


* I was given a copy of this book for free, in an exchange for an honest review.


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