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Review: Facade by J Kahele

Facade - J. Kahele

In this story we meet Ally and Liam. Two are the complete opposites and its a wonder how they managed to even ignite a spark. Ally speaks her mind, and doesn’t back down for anyone and Liam, well he’s a reserved business man who is closed off to relationships due to his cheating ex girlfriend. In fact both Alley and Liam have had bad break ups in the past but Alley is more than willing to put in effort with Liam but he’s is hesitant.


I liked Ally, she was feisty but then sometimes I just wanted her to shut up and stop. Liam, I felt as he gained more feelings toward Ally he become possessive and that I didn’t like but then again, I understand his feelings. His emotions and insecurities all came from his past relationship and that is an idealistic situation.


I found both of them to act very childish at how they handled situations but both Ally and Liam had baggage coming to their relationship and it played out in a realistic way. Not all relationships have a happy ending. Not everyone will handle things in a mature way and not everything can be fixed with love, or that ‘Special’ one.

Can’t wait to read the next installment.


*I received this book in exchange for an honest review

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