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Review: The Hook Up

— feeling love
The Hook Up (Game On Book 1) - Kristen Callihan

I really, really enjoyed this book. Okay,I’m lying. I loved this book. From the moment Anna laid eyes on Battle Baylor to chapter 5, I was officially hooked. I love Drew’s and Anna’s banter, their chemistry and I love how Drew knows that he is sexy and is wanted by many girls, lol. Drew is an eye candy who knows what he wants and he will not stop until he has Anna. Events leading up to that scene had me turning the pages, impatiently reading every word to see at what point, were they both going to give in.


Reading The Hook Up, was a fun read and I didn’t exactly know where Kristen was taking the story. I had a few guesses but was thrown off quite a few times. The pacing of the story was good. Kristen does a very good job at building anticipation and making the reader feel the needing heat between Anna and Baylor. You feel every emotion down to your very own core and at times it leave it breathless.


Anna had her insecurities, and at times I wanted to yell at her for allowing the past to disrupt the good she has with Drew Baylor. I wanted to beat her over the head and even when the inevitable happened, I mean for me reading it, I knew her insecurities were going to cause problems but I just didn’t know when and that was killing me because it was like ‘The calm before storm.’ And when the inevitable happened between Anna and Baylor, my heart still ached for her. It ached worse for Drew.

Battle Baylor, I love him, did I mention that? I want to put him my pocket and bring him out when needed, lol. Drew was written perfectly, his thoughts and feelings towards Anna were realistic and even down to his boys was believable.


Like a glass of whiskey, which gets smoother and simply better with age, its the same thing with The Hook up(Game on). The characters get more and more interesting, the setting and plot thickens, and its the kind of book that flushes you with many emotions. One minute your eagerly flipping through the pages as Anna and Drew get all hot and sexy. Next your heart is breaking and then a few pages later, you’re just sitting there as a warmness engulfs your insides and leaving you in a state of ‘aw, that’s cute’.


I’m very interested in Gray Grayson’s story.

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