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REVIEW: Alien Baggage Allowance

Alien Baggage Allowance - Humble Nations

Author: Humble Nations

Publication Date: August 12, 2015

Genre: Science Fiction, Alien Invasion, First Contact

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Forget the ‘Fermi Paradox’, we’re not alone and we’ve been visited. Visited by a new book from the celestial body that is Humble Nations. Presented as eighty-two whimsical funny little tales he speculated what it would mean for mankind if we were to be visited by aliens. The silliness of the writing shines like little stars from every page.

Eighty-two contacts fired off in under 25,000 words.

MAY CONTAIN: Adult humour and anal probing.
NOT SUITABLE FOR: Children, asinimophobics, or those of a serious disposition.


My Thoughts

It was my first time reading this author and it was interesting read. It was out of my genre to what I usually go toward but all in all I didn’t mind it.


Alien Baggage Allowance is about Aliens and them coming to earth. Its funny, has its dark humour which had me laughing, and smiling at some of the jokes. The book poked at us, as humans and how aliens would(maybe) perceive us in the eyes of a whole other species.


Most of the chapters began with ‘When they arrived,’  and each chapter was a different encounter with an alien. Either the human’s perspective and sometimes the aliens. The book wasn’t annoying with every new chapter was a complete different scene. It was very entertaining. Some chapters were longer than others and I mean, they were short, like a couple of sentences short but that didn’t bug me.


I found some of the alien encounters funny. Especially the questions the aliens would ask the humans. They would be really silly, like about humpty dumpty or why don’t all the humans look a like. The aliens had a hard time understanding why we did, what we did. I found it funny how the aliens chased around the butterflies, I don’t know why I found that funny. I just did =)


There maybe some chapters that might come across as offensive but all in all, I enjoyed Alien Baggage Allowance.


About The Author

Hi there. My name is James (aka Humble Nations, aka CL Smith), I’m the guy that makes all the book cover designs and runs this site. I’ve been a freelance graphic designer for the last twenty-years (yes I’m getting long in the tooth), and I’ve been designing book covers for the last couple of years, much to my own amusement.


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