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REVIEW: Expose- Laid Bare Volume 1

Exposed: Laid Bare (Laid Bare #1) - S.R. Grey


A sexy novella where things are not always as they appear. Enter the Laid Bare world only if you dare.

There’s something about Lucien Chambers. Something beyond his amazing success, his good looks, and his uncanny ability to turn everything he touches to gold.

In the eyes of the world, Lucien is a sexy and savvy business man. But when a naïve photographer, Dahlia Vaughn, is hired to take pictures of the hot entrepreneur, she discovers Mr. Chambers may be much more than what he seems.

Volume 1 of the Laid Bare novellas

NOTE: Exposed: Laid Bare is a short read of about 86 pages. Included in the back is the first chapter of the next volume of the Laid Bare series, Unveiled: Laid Bare, as well as intro chapters to two of S.R. Grey's other novels. Paperback includes intros to three novels. 


My Thoughts

3 1/2  Heart rating: Good Book

4/5 Sensuality: Not Exactly Erotica But Still Hot

3/5 Heat: Sizzling


Exposed: Laid Bare was an easy read but I felt like there was something missing. This very short novella, starts off Dahlia who is suppose to photograph this ultra billionaire Lucien for a magazine and no one has ever gotten any good pictures of him. So of course Dahlia being a professional photographer is intrigued and jumps all of the opportunity. Things move very fast between the two, which leaves you with a WTF moment. As well as Dahlia, she was very confused how Lucien handles it all.


Laid Bare was an interesting read and left me wanting to know more about Lucien. His actions in the beginning was very sexy and ultra steamy in the way they got together and the control he has over Dahlia is mysterious. I want to know more. Lucien was written in a very interesting way, and I want to know more about him as well. I want to know more about him and his secrets. I just want to know more in a general but I think if this novella was a little longer, I would have have been satisfied enough.


I was confused with the scene at the club, I won’t say anything about that because I don’t want to give too much away.


I found Dahlia a little childish throughout the story and I felt bad for her lady parts. My god that man has a stamina.


Overall, Laid Bare has intrigued me enough to see what Dahlia and Lucien have in stored for their future.


* I received this book in an exchange for an honest review